Workshop „Angels, Spiritual Envoys“ Topic: UNDERSTANDING

June 29th  and 30th  from 4 pm to 8 pm workshop with Andreas

Andreas Bjorndal, mostly known as a homeopath, will lead workshops using his integrated knowledge and experience primarily from Kabbalah, followed by Homeopathy, ancient cultures and their medical systems.

This is the fifth workshop in a row.

 (The transcripts of the previous four seminars can be ordered and purchased at the Association)

Francesco Botticini: The Asumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary depicting the three hierachies of angles

Understanding how different angels participate in our lives and how we understand the struggle between angels and fallen angels is of great importance for us to function in life and address the challenges we face.

In addition, this angelic struggle will help us to understand: the development of society, what is important in raising children, and what is important in different approaches to medicine, nature, and areas of the soul.

Most importantly, not only will we learn about angels, but we will also experience them … in the right way. We will round out this inspiring topic with this workshop.

Registration fee: 50 €; Price per day 40 €

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